Avent Bottles: Another Tool In The Fight Against Colic

Going without sleep is par for the course with new parents.  While those who are on their first or second child may be used to it, if you ever do get used to it, or at least know a little about what to expect, new parents have no clue as to what is really going on.  And when their baby is crying at all hours of the night and then crying more after feeding, it is enough to drive a parent to the edge.  Luckily, for parents who suspect their crying child has trouble with colic, there are solutions.  One of the solutions is Dr. Brown baby bottles.  Another is from Avent.

Here’s thing – nobody really knows why colic happens in babies.  There are numerous theories as to the true cause and reason behind colic.  Unfortunately, no study has shown definitive proof as to why colic happens.  Plus, the fact that with most babies it seems to resolve itself by about six months of age means that it isn’t really that huge of a problem from a medical standpoint.

From a parent’s standpoint, however, it is pretty huge.  Where medicine has not come up with clear answers, the marketplace has.  While Dr. Brown baby bottles have come up with one solution for dealing with air intake during feeding, Avent has a different approach, one that is simpler in its completion.  The theory behind the Avent bottles is that with a larger, wider nipple, the baby is able to form a more complete seal between the nipple and their mouth.  Then, similar to the nipple collar on the Dr. Brown bottles, air is brought into the bottle, which allows the child to drink without swallowing large amounts of air.  The Avent nipple in many ways performs similar to the air-vent system on the Dr. Brown bottles without all the extra parts.

Now, while you may think this sounds great at first, realize that each baby is different.  Some babies will prefer one blanket over another, one pacifier over another, and so on for reasons that we may not understand.  The same is true for bottles.  Your baby may fall in love with the Avent nipples and that may be the end of it.  Or they may hate them and you’ll have to give the Dr. Brown bottles a shot.  Whatever the case, be flexible.

Avent sells a whole range of baby bottle products, including an Avent bottle warmer and Avent sterilizer.  While useful, the Essential Baby Things staff recommends testing the water before jumping in the pool – try out the bottles.  If they work, then great, go out and buy all the accessories you like.  But wait till you see if your baby likes one thing more than the other.  Because if they don’t automatically love them, you may need to move on to a different bottle and different system until you find something that does work.

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