Baby Safety Monitors: What To Know Before You Buy

No parent likes to leave their child unattended.  But sitting by their bed to watch them while they sleep or while they play creates need and dependence and breeds fear.  Baby safety monitors allow the cautious parent the ability to keep one ear, or in some cases one eye, on their children when they are not in the same room.  This allows the parent to get some rest or take care of other things and also allows the child a little independence and a chance to grow.

Baby safety monitors are, at their most basic, a type of walkie talkie.  There is a monitoring unit that is set in the room with your baby and then the receiving unit that is kept with the parent as they move about the house.  These days most systems fall under the term wireless baby monitors as the receiving unit can pick up signals around the house.  However, be sure that is what you are getting.  Some older versions and stationary baby monitors essentially create a line between two wired base units.

When they are up and running, a baby safety monitor allows a parent to listen in on their child in another room.  As mentioned, most these days will offer varying degrees of wireless capability.  If video monitoring is desired, there are also video baby monitors available.  Although the technology now isn’t what you’ll see in the movies, it is improving.  Some sets offer a wide range of doo-dads and upgrades.  Some even offer a pad that goes on the bed that sends alarms or notices whenever your little one turns over.  However, most systems these days are looking at incorporating video in various ways.

What are some popular brands?  Well, as in most things, Fisher Price and Graco offer several baby safety monitors that are fully functioning, if a bit un-fancy, but reasonably priced and well regarded, as is most stuff by those two brands.  Philips Avent has another well regarded model.  The previously mentioned one with the sensor pad is the Angelcare  baby monitor which has gotten high marks be most reviewers, even though the movement sensor can be a little sensitive.  The Tomy baby monitor is another good and reasonably priced monitor, although it seems to be sold primarily in England and Europe.

If you’re in the market for a little peace of mind, a baby monitor can go a long way to providing that.  The first thing a family needs to decide is to buy a video baby monitor or simply a wireless baby monitor.  After that, the decision comes down to features, prices, reviews and exchange policies.  Whichever baby safety monitor is chosen, they will undoubtedly help put your mind at ease.

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