Everything You Need To Know About Double Strollers

Congratulations!  You’re going to have twins!  That’s two babies and twice the fun.  You’re going to need double of everything, but thankfully not strollers.  Well, you can get two strollers if you like, but with the wonders of double strollers, you only need one.  That can carry two.  You’ll see.

Double strollers are a single stroller that carries two children.  Notice I said children, because not all double strollers are for people who have twins.  Some double strollers are designed for people who have two young ones that may need to be in a stroller from time to time.  If you’ve got two little kids or you’ve got one young one and another on the way, double strollers are something you might take a good hard look at.

Sometimes called twin strollers, double strollers have several different types available.  When buying a twin stroller you need to be aware of the kinds that are available before you make a decision about one.  Typical double strollers have one seat behind each other, like in a movie theater or an airplane.  The one in the back is directly facing the back of the sibling sitting in front of them or slightly elevated so the one in back can see out a bit more.  The other general option is side-by-side, typically found in a jogging type stroller design, although not all side-by-sides are jogging style.  Some side-by-side strollers look more like a traditional lightweight stroller, only wider.  Either front-to-back or side-by-side double strollers will do their jobs very well, it’s just a question of where do you want the extra space – in length or in width?  The other kind of double stroller on the marketplace is the front-to-front style where the babies are facing each other in the stroller.  While the concept of this is great, we here at Essential Baby Things feel the practicality of this design leaves something to be desired.  Why?  They are long.  Did we say long?  We mean loooooong.  Difficult to maneuver any place indoors, the advantages of having the children facing each other are outweighed by the disadvantages of the unwieldy size.  Stick with side-by-side or front-to-back strollers.  You’ll be glad you did.

The next question is what brand?  Well, you’ll be glad to know that most top brands produce double strollers.  Graco, Peg-Perego Maclaren, Combi, Mountain Buggy, BumbleRide, Valco, Baby Jogger, Phil and Ted’s, Schwinn and many others all produce double strollers.  Some of the pricier brands such as Bugaboo or Stokke do not currently have true double stroller options.  Whatever the brand you eventually go with, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of buying too much stroller.  Your kids don’t care about the brand, and with two of them, you will need double the money than with just one.

If you need to haul around two kids at once, double strollers are a great way to do it.  Just be sure to examine all the options before buying.  Although we here at Essential Baby Things don’t care for some of the designs on the market, they may be right for you.  Good luck!

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