Top 5 Best Pink Strollers For Baby

So you’re in the market for a pink stroller.  Maybe it’s for your new granddaughter, your niece, your best friend’s new baby or your own daughter.  Regardless, you’re looking at buying one of the best strollers on the market for the precious baby girl in your life, as long as it’s a pink stroller.

But then you start to look at strollers and, oh my, there are so many choices.  You can discount the double strollers and triple stroller because there’s only one baby riding in the stroller, but that still leaves a sea of jogging strollers and umbrella strollers, lightweight strollers and running strollers, prams or carriage strollers, or do you want to go all out and get an ultra-pink all terrain baby stroller?

There are so many choices, so the fine staff here at Essential Baby Things sat down and decided what we consider to the 5 best strollers to consider if you’re looking for a pink stroller.  Not all of them are totally pink; some have enough pink to be visibly pink and some are pink with a capital P.  But all of them are excellent strollers that will provide years of service, most likely enough to be handed down to the next person who is looking for pink strollers for someone they love.

So without further delay and in totally random order, here are the 5 best pink strollers on the market today:

Graco Strollers – Always near the top of any list of popular strollers, Graco gets consistently high marks for their combination of durability and affordability.  For a pink stroller, Graco offers 3 major choices – the Stylus travel system, the Alano travel system, and the ultra-girly Metrolite Jessa.  The pink Stylus is only available at ToysRUs or their sister store, BabiesRUs and while predominantly pink, has a fair amount of brown as well.  The Alano system comes in three patterns, all pink and brown combinations.  There is an Alano standalone stroller without the accompanying car seat that is a more attractive pink and grey.  But if you’re looking for a PINK stroller, then the Metrolite Jessa is the one you should get.  Best thing is, all of these choices can be had for under 200 dollars.

Bugaboo – Stylish, modern and expensive, the Bugaboo has a few choices if you’re looking for pink, but let’s skip to the one we recommend – the Bugaboo Bee.  Small, lightweight, maneuverable and easy to fold, the Bee has been redesigned for 2010 and it’s the better for it.  While the canopy and any accessories you buy for it can be had in a bright pink, consider the yellow as well.  A little easier on the eyes and just as girly.  A little pricy at around 600 bucks, you’ll hit close to a thousand once you get all the accessories.  And don’t forget the umbrella.  Trust us.

Maclaren – Makers of fine strollers that are popular and consistently receive high marks just as much as the Graco line.  Maclaren strollers could be considered a slightly upscale, more fashionable choice than the Graco, and the prices are a little higher as well.  In all honesty, the Maclaren line is messy and confusing, because most of the strollers look fairly similar.  However, if you’re looking for a pink stroller, you’ve got about 3 choices: Juicy Couture (which we almost excluded for the name alone), Techno XLR and the Quest Sport.  If it was us, we’d go with the Quest Sport, simply because it’s the best looking of the three with its charcoal and pink design.  It’s also the cheapest at about 250 or so.  The Techno XLR comes in at 360 and the eye-hurting Juicy will set you back about 430 or so.  But the XLR and the Juicy (boy oh boy do we hate that name) both have brown as their accent color.  Maclaren calls it coffee, but come on, it’s brown.

Quinny – Popular and stylish in a similar vein as the Bugaboo, Stokke, UPPABaby and many others that have broadened the stroller market recently, Quinny makes nice looking strollers that look great and perform very well.  With names like Buzz, Zapp, Speedi and Senzz, the not only look cool, but they sound cool as well.  However, if you’re looking for pink strollers, you can have anything in their line as long as you don’t want the Senzz or the Speedi.  The Senzz comes in oranges and yellows and the Speedi in Red.  However, you still have lots of great choices: Buzz 3 (three-wheel configuration), Buzz 4 (four-wheel configuration), the Zapp and the Zapp Twine.  While the prices are in a similar range to the Bugaboo, they offer a unique style all their own.

Bumbleride – Like many other strollers these days, Bumbleride offers modern looking, stylish strollers.  Many people really like what they have to offer and swear by their strollers.  The Indie is perhaps their most famous and popular choice which is a large, all-terrain style swivel wheel stroller.  It is slightly similar to the Quinny Buzz 3, but the wheels are much larger than the Quinny which is targeted towards urban use.  Not to say that the Bumbleride would be at home in the back woods or trail running – you’d want a jogging stroller for that, more like a Phil and Teds, a Schwinn, BOB Ironman, Kelty Speedster or something from Baby Jogger for that.  But the Bumbleride will handle the occasional trips off the paved trails and out of the concrete jungle with a little more ease than others on this list.  They also offer the Indie Twin for two kids, the Flyer and the Flite that are available in a nice pink.  The Flyer and the Flite are more for urban use, but they fold up really small which can make them great for traveling.

So there you have it, 5 of the best strollers you can find if you’re looking for a pink stroller.  Not all of them are cheap strollers, but cheap baby strollers aren’t always the best choice to make.  Some strollers that we liked that couldn’t make this list were Phil and Ted’s stroller which were available in red or red and black, UPPABaby in reds and oranges, Stokke Xplory in red and purple, and the Micralite Super-lite or Toro which came in red or yellow.  All great strollers that you should take a look at but couldn’t make the list because none of those companies offer a pink stroller.  Regardless of whether you pick one from our list or from another company, good luck on your search for the perfect pink stroller.

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