What To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Crib Sets

So you’re doing well, you’ve got piles of baby clothes, you picked out the right stroller, a baby safety monitor is on the way and your shiny brand new baby crib is set up.  You’ve got the handmade baby blanket from grandma, a nice crib set to complete the baby crib, and now you’re starting to look at toys.  Wait, you haven’t gotten a crib set?  You haven’t started looking?  You don’t even know what crib sets are?  Relax, there’s still plenty of time.

Crib sets essentially are baby bedding sets for the crib.  They are almost always color coordinated and pattern matched to provide a unique and unifying decorative style for the baby’s room or nursery.

Crib sets vary greatly in what they offer to the consumer as far as the number of pieces in the crib set go.  The basic crib set will include 4 pieces which are usually the bumper, a sheet, a skirt or dust ruffle, and the blanket.  Crib sets with a greater number of pieces may include a diaper stacker, a toy bag, window valances, decorative pillows and other things.

So what do you really need?  A four piece set will perform well for most families and provide pretty much everything they need.  All that’s really necessary is a sheet that fits your crib.  While that may seem too simple, really that’s all that is needed as most families will have blankets given to them from friends and other family members.

Why so few items?  Because some studies indicate that SIDS can be related to the amount of stuff inside a baby’s sleeping area.  The greater the number of pillows and comforters and blankets and bumpers and stuffed toys the greater the chances for SIDS.  While a bumper does seem like a good idea, it isn’t clearly needed.  A blanket sounds good, and may be comforting to some babies, but as long as the room is warm and the baby has on clothes, there may not be a need for it.

The Essential Baby Things staff knows that sometimes parents love to spend money on stuff they think they need.  Buying more stuff for your kid doesn’t make you a good parent, and buying less stuff for them doesn’t make you a bad parent.  A blanket and a sheet are kind of the minimum you need when it comes to nursery bedding.  Crib sets offer this, as well as either a few extra things that are nice to have, all the way up to lots of extra unnecessary stuff.  If you’re going to buy a crib set, buy a simple 4 piece crib set.  Crib sets with lots of extra stuff aren’t necessary.  If your heart’s set on it, then go right ahead.  But shopping for baby can be confusing enough without worrying about crib sets.  Get something simple and move on.

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