Why In The World Would Anyone Want To Buy Unisex Baby Clothes?

Unisex baby clothes?  Really?  Why would anyone want to buy unisex baby clothes?  Isn’t that just a half-step above buying a gift certificate or a book or something?

At first glance, the whole idea of unisex baby clothes seems a little bland, kinda like overcooked roast beef.  But the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with unisex baby clothes and in some instances, they may be the perfect thing for the little boy or girl that is already here or on the way.

First of all, let’s figure out what unisex baby clothes are.  Contrary to what one might think, unisex baby clothes aren’t some ill-fitting burlap sack fashioned into something that vaguely resembles an article of clothing.  Unisex clothing for babies is simply clothing that has no discernable design or color that favors either boys or girls.  That’s all.  A pink shirt with ruffled collars, sleeves and hem with a sparkly dancing unicorn?  Obviously girls clothes.  A dark blue western-styled shirt with a cowboy riding a bucking bronco and the words “Ride ‘Em Cowboy” stitched across the front?  More than likely boys clothes.  A simple green shirt with the design “World’s #1 Kid” on it?  Could go either way.  It’s not distinctly boys clothing and not obviously girls clothing.  Therefore it fits into the wide range of unisex baby clothes.  And what parent is going to turn up their nose at a shirt that says “World’s #1 Kid”?

So now that we see that unisex baby clothes simply mean clothes that can be worn by either boys or girls, it’s easy to imagine some situations where buying something that is neither strictly for girls or explicitly for boys could be advantageous:

–    Everything the kid has is blue or everything they have is pink: Your child is drowning in a sea of gender specific clothing (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and you think it might be time for a little variety in their life.
–    Not every parent chooses to know the sex of their unborn child: These days, even though the technology is able to determine it and many people choose to learn if their child-to-be is going to be a boy or a girl, many people choose to wait for nature’s surprise.  This also throws a damper on what may be bought for them by friends and family.  If you just have to buy clothes for the parents who are waiting to find out if their child is a boy or a girl until “The Day” then unisex baby clothes, as opposed to baby girl clothes or baby boy clothes, are the answer
–    Buying for charity: If you’re trying to do something nice for charity, you don’t want it to backfire by having the kids you’re trying to help hate you for it.  Not that they would, but their parents might not appreciate a whole box full of pink and ruffly clothes for their bouncing baby boy or vice versa.

There are a wide range of reasons for buying unisex baby clothes.  Newborn baby clothes are typically geared more towards either boys or girls, but if you look around or if you’re buying for an older child, you should be able to find just what you’re looking for.  And one of the best things about it – often times unisex baby clothes can be found in inexpensive stores.  That doesn’t mean we here at Essential Baby Things always advocate buying cheap clothes.  However, remember that the kids will never see them, they’ll outgrow them before you need to cut your hair again and that saving money is always in style.  And if you think you can’t find some cheap unisex baby clothes that are fashionable, you obviously haven’t taken an objective look at Carters, Gerber, Chico, Old Navy, Target or any other place that offers good quality clothes at reasonable prices.

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